History of G. Kidd, Inc.

Shirley Kidd 1936-2019

Shirley Kidd was President of G. Kidd Inc.  Along with her enormous responsibilities as President she was extremely active in the every day operations at G. Kidd.  She conducted all board meetings and the affairs of the corporation. Participates in the financial decisions, performs 90% of the purchasing for the corporation, has total responsibility for all sales and marketing, directs the day to day activities for the business of the corporation.

Mr. Gordon H. Kidd Jr. 1934-2018

Gordon Kidd Jr. was an outstanding member, board member, supporter, employer and friend of lronworkers Local #3. He recently received his 65-year member pin. There are not many 65 year pins given out, especially to individuals who still go to work every day. 

Gordon started his career in the Ironworking industry in 1951. He worked his way up through all aspects of the trade including, but not limited to, riveting, sheeting, welding and erection. By the mid 1960's he had moved into the management side of the business. Gordon has been responsible for running numerous large structural steel and huge powerhouse projects. 

In 1988 he started his own company, G. KIDD, INC. The company was started only with a pickup truck, a welding machine and a couple old wooden ladders. With his expertise and guidance, he quickly grew G. Kidd, Inc., into what it is today.   The company has become a multifaceted corporation which built and owns office buildings and warehouses.  Mr. Kidd makes us proud to be called a Local #3 Ironworker.  He leads by example, supports Local #3 and hires Local #3 Ironworkers .

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